Snowdrift wins medals!

We just found out that we won two medals at the Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition that was held over the weekend of Dec. 12. Our Semi-Dry was awarded the gold medal in the New England style category, and our Dry Cider won bronze in the English style category. While we were already proud of the quality of ciders we've produced this year, we didn't know if they would be competition-winning material. But we thought we'd give it a shot, and see how they stacked up against other ciders, and as you can imagine we were excited when we actually placed, and placed well!

Congratulations as well to Red Barn and Westcott Bay ciders for their awards, helping Washington state look great out there in the cider world.


Snowdrift at Mission Ridge

It's official, Snowdrift Cider is now available at Mission Ridge ski area! Now you can enjoy a glass of our Cliffbreaks Blend after a day of laying tracks under the Bomber Cliffs.

And what great timing too. After I dropped off my first delivery, 16" of snow drifted down onto the mountain that night. I'd say we're off to a great start.



Semi-dry is now available

Just bottled yesterday, our fist batch of Semi-dry is now ready. In the New England tradition, we've crafted this cider with apples of higher acidity and a touch molasses and honey. The cider's vibrant brightness, rhubarb and honey flavors, hold counterpoint to subtle darker flavors of molasses, brown sugar, and caramel. Alcohol 9.0% by volume.


A great wine walk

Thanks to everyone who made it out the Wenatchee Downtown Holiday Wine Walk! We were excited to meet so many great people, and even more excited when we sold out of our Cliffbreaks Blend before the evening was through! We had a lot of positive feedback on the ciders (we featured our Dry Cider and Cliffbreaks Blend), the packaging, and the fact that someone local is making cider out of all the apples grown here. Special thanks to Jan Lutz from Columbia River Wine Country, Sarah Dempsey from Wenatchee Downtown Association, and Sam Mills from Mills Brothers for all their work in coordinating the event and making it all happen; most of all thanks for all you who came for the afternoon and made the event so much fun!

By the way, if you were wanting to get some of the Cliffbreaks Blend but were unable to, drop us a line or stop by Pak-it-Rite in downtown Wenatchee.


Special thanks to Community Farm Connection and "Some Enchanted Eating"

Our first official appearance is tonight at CFC's special event, featuring great local food, farms, chefs, music, wine and our cider! Thanks to all who are supporting this great organization, as we've enjoyed the bounty of great produce and specialty varieties they provide, all from local sources.